Glass Fiber Tissue

Fiberglass tissue or glass fiber veil is produced similar as paper wet processed by E glass or C glass chopped fibers impregnated with binder and dry. The binders are choosed according to the final application with waterproof, flame retarded, dyed colors etc. The glass fiber tissue is a thin and light weight material for resin/asphalt support and facing material. To enhence the tensile strength, the glass tissue can be reinforced by fiberglass yarn with specifc distance 15mm/30mm. 
           Glass tissue veil.jpgColored glass fiber tissue.jpgblack glass tissue.jpg
Good tensile strength and flexibility, dimension staibility
Excellent chemical resistance, anti-corrosion an rot
Great flame retarded from A to B2 grade
Good resin, bitumen compatibility

Base and support material for asphalt felt;FRP surface mat; Pipe corrosion under insulation wrapping; PCB, CEM board reinforcement; Ceiling and minercal wool facing
Roofing construction.jpgFRP surface tissue.jpgmineral wool facing.jpgacoustic ceiling.jpg

Area weight: 50-300g/m2
Color: Original white/Black/Color dyed
Available special finish: Spray point 
Tissue type:
1. Roofing tissue
2. FRP surface tissue
3. Acoutsic ceiling tissue
4.Mineral wool facing black tissue 
5.Coating tissue

Width 1000mm-2000mm
Roll length: 200-2500meters