EAS Fiberglass Co.,Ltd (Ningbo EAS Material Technology Co.,Ltd) is a professional fiberglass products supplier and provide comprehensive and effective material industrial solution covering market high performance FRP, high effective temperature insulation, high convenient construction. Nowadays, EAS owns various products lines of fiberglass yarn forming, woven fabrics, coating glass fabrics, FRP etc. The complete products lines enable EAS highly mastering the quality control and products market competitive. Taking this advantage involve us in large many projects and enhance the brand promotion. Certified ISO9001-2008 equips EAS stuff and management more professional operation owning production capacity 20000tons various high temperature textiles and gaining turnover over 20million US dollars. Certification of test report for products are made by third party laboratory SGS, TUV, DNV,  etc


                         Fiber forming                                                                    Textile woven, knitting, braiding                                                                            Technical fabric coating

Products are being exported over 100 coountries and regions and compete with world's top suppliers. New products technology and new high performance fiber research&development are never interrupted. Besides new woven and coating technology developed and imported, new high-performance fiber like aramid fiber, PAN-fiber, PBO fiber products development will bring higher effective solution. The timely and effective recommendation will reach customers once feedback presented through our 16 years market serving experience. 

The aim of EAS is building up as a leader of comprehensive material technology group company. We are willing to be your stable, long time partner. Your satisfication is our success. 

Raw materials
Or glass beads
 E glass
C glass
 S glass
AR glass
Silica glass
Basalt fiber
Textile yarn-Texturized yarn
(Fiber diameter 4-13um)
Woven fabric&other textiles
(Tape, sleeve, rope, thread)
Color dyed
FRP forming
Roving  (11-24um) Mat, Roving fabric
Short cut fiber Tissue veil
Waste yarn&roving Needle mat
PTFE,  Aramid, Carbon fiber yarn Woven fabric  Tape  Rope Sewing thread
Ceramic wool Spun ceramic yarn Woven fabric, tape, rope, sleeve

What is the main product of EAS? 
EAS has full glass fiber production lines and produce part of fiberglass yarn, woven fabric and coating fabric. EAS's target is being an leader of high performance fibers products. Meanwhile, EAS has cooperation and invest several subsidy companies by shares joint, technical share, raw material supplying company for aramid fiber, ceramic fiber, aerogel production. Therefore, EAS has wide range of products on sell. OEM/ODM service is available.   

What is company advantage of EAS? 
EAS provide high quality E glass fiber with strictly quality control raw fiber yarn-woven fabric-coating. We can make sure high quality, fast production date, cheaper cost, special technical request.
Besides ISO9001-2008 certification, EAS gains many third party laboratory certification. 

What if EAS provide a low quality product?
The quality problem will be quickly replied and solved when provide quality problem proof or picture. Further solution of compensate or refund, resend good will be made within the three work days. Customers'satisfication is our top priority.