2018-09-28 09:09:35

A special fiberglass textile--fiberglass sleeve

A special fiberglass textile--fiberglass sleeve
Fiberglass sleeve (braided glass fiber sleeve) is a closed barrel type fiberglass textile. Because of its closed weave, The fiberglass sleeve is great used for a hose or hollow protecor or support. Fiberglass is a high mechanical properties, chemical resistance, high temperature resistance, fireproof mineral fiber material. Nowdays, fiberglass is known as kind of fiber yarn. Different fiberglass yarn can braid different fiberglass sleeve.

Fiberglass sleeve-made by flat low tex fiberglass roving
This is kind of loomstate braided fiberglass sleeve by silane direct fiberglass roving. The braided glass fiber sleeve is loose braided and well compatible with thermoset resin system,unsaturated polyester, epoxy resin. It is usually applied as FRP reinforcement, an ideal for the directional forces in a prosthetic socket.
Fiberglass sleeve-made by fiberglass continuous filament textile yarn
This kind of fiberglass sleeve is tightly braided for some thermal insulation and mostly further processed with silicone, silicone rubber, PU, acrylic for electric insulation purpose. After silicone, silicone rubber, PU, acrylic coated fiberglass sleeve add good waterproof, abrasion resistance, flexibility, electric resistance and low high temperature resistance properties. The silicone or silicone rubber coated glass fiber electrical sleeve can meet voltage 1.2kv, 1.5kv,2.5kv,4kv,7kv, 10kv. The electric sleeve is widely applied in the various electric appliance. EAS can provide various colors and diameter sleeve.

Fiberglass sleeve-made by texturized fiberglass yarn, silicone coated
This kind of fiberglass sleeve is tightly braided by bulkied glass fiber yarn which good at absorbing the heat. Heavy Silicone coated glass fiber sleeve is more polular products in the market. High temperature resistance, Waterproof, excellent thermal conductivity, non-toxtic,chemical resistance are outstanding merits for its application, iron industry, glass industry,automotive for cables protector. EAS provides high quality silicone coated fiberglass sleeve with different colors and diameter size.