2018-07-03 14:18:26

Aluminized Fabric Application

Aluminized fabric

Aluminized fabric provides econimic, effective, high performance solution for thermal shield. The aluminum foil can reflect over 94% radiant heat and also good at waterproof. The aluminum foil fabrics are greatly used for thermal facing, fire/sparks curtain, flexible connector, insulation jacket, safety clothing. All the EAS’s basic fabric can be composited with aluminum foil, filament fiberglass fabric, texturized fiberglass fabric, ceramic fabric,silica fabric, aramid fabric, coated fiberglass fabric etc. 

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Aluminum foil laminatied fiberglass cloth is the most common used material for facing and thermal insulation protect. The fabric is simply made by fiberglass cloth adhsived glued with aluminum foil.The adhsive can withstand 180℃/240℃ and maximum make sure foil tightly composite with glass fabric.7um,14um,18um,25um aluminum foil can be available option. The extra layer of adhesive backed and release paper can also be made. 

-Mineral wool lamination; Thermal insulation wrapping; Flexible hose, sleeve
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-Welding blanket; Heat reflect blanket

-Removable insulation cover; Heat safety clothing
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