2018-07-10 09:22:04

Brief Introduction of fabric expansion joint

The fabric expansion joint also called non-metallic compensator is used for thermal expansion release of industrial flue gas,smoke during transmission. The fabric expansion joint can provide a remarkable multi-directional compensation at a very small axial distance. Meanwhile, it can effectively eliminate entire cumulative error during the whole system installation.

The flexible fabric expansion joint is good on acoustic insulation, vibra insulation, simplifying system design. The fabric compensator is mainly composed of high temperature fiberglass textile, insulation barrier, wire mesh, featured with low cost, light weight, simple produced, easy repair. The flexible textile expansion joint is widely used in power industry, cement industry, chemical industry, HVAC system etc. 

The fabric compensator is made by fiberglass cloth, PTFE,silicone, FKM coated fiberglass cloth matched with metal frame, flange, insulation barrer together.

A.Fabric expansion joint belt

The belt is functioned as withstand the flue gas pressue and chemical corrosion from the system. The fabric expansion joint belt must be designed with flexible, high strength to absorb multi-directional force.Out layer usually adopts good weathering proof material silicone coated fiberglass cloth, FKM coated fiberglass cloth,EPDM coated fiberglass cloth, PTFE coated fiberglass cloth which are made high tensile strength, tear resistance, burst resistance, chemical resistance, waterproof.The other layers usually choose PTFE film(260℃),texturized fiberglass cloth(550℃),high temperature finished fiberglass cloth with wire insert(700℃),ceramic cloth(1000℃), silica cloth(1000℃) 304 or 316L wire mesh etc, they can be choosed depends on specific condition.  

B.Fabric expansion joint insulation barrier

The function of the insulation barrier is to avoid the high temperature not directly flow touching to the belt and improve the lifetime. The insulation barrier can also well solve the problem that the hot steam meets the unheated layer and cools the condensation.

C.Fabric expansion joint protect layer

This layer ensures that the insulation layer is not damaged by the flue gas and make sure the insulation effective. The layer must withstand the high temperature and chemical attack by pipe medium.

D.Fabric expansion joint mound layer

The mound is fixed to the pressure plate of the flange metal piece, and the ring band is clamped on the flange metal piece according to the pressure generated by the adjustment mound. The thickness and width of the mound will be selected based on system parameters. The edges of the mound must be rounded or blunt to prevent possible damage to the fabric expansion joint belt

E.Fabric expansion joint guide plate/baffle

The guide plate/baffles are used to protect the flexible compensator belt and insulation from harsh corrosion, especially moisture corrosive gas. The baffle can be used to reduce the turbulence of the flue gas caused by the flexure of fabric compensator. The baffes can simultaneously control the accumulation of dust in the area of the fabric compensator, as well as reducing the temperature and pressure of the flue gas.

E.Fabric expansion joint metal flange

The metal flange is used to connect the compensator belt and the flue pipe. In the general design, the connecting metal falnge can be directly welded to the flue gas pipe. Flange design can be added with pipe positioning block or positioning pipe. The design and manufacturing should leave a certain gap without affecting the operation and installation of the fabric compensator. The spacing of the metal flange is determined by the width of the non-metallic compensator strips, and the amount of compensation in each direction must be taken into account. 

G.Fabric expansion joint gasket edge tape

The gasket tape can well seal the belt installation.Silicone coated fiberglass cloth, weave lock fiberglass cloth can be used.