2019-02-18 10:42:41

Do You Know What Ceramic Yarn Is?

Ceramic yarn is one of artificial mineral fibers, commonly known as mineral cotton. They are made of natural or synthetic minerals or metal oxides. Ceramic yarn is well-known for its heat resistance over 1000 C. Ceramic fiber yarn fabric has the outstanding characteristics of light weight, low thermal conductivity and good chemical stability, and can resist the erosion of most corrosives. Ceramic fibre yarn is used for sealing at high temperature and producing ceramic fibre ribbon, rope or fabric. Ceramic fabrics are widely used in thermal insulation industry.

Production of Ceramic Yarn

In order to make ceramic fibers, chemical substances such as silicon dioxide are used to heat them until they are remelted and eventually spun into hair-like threads. Then reinforce it with glass wire or steel wire. Finally, these are combined to spin ceramic yarns. In applications with significant tensile strength, textiles made of fiberglass reinforced yarns can be used below 550 C. Textiles made of steel fiber reinforced yarns can be used below 1050 C. Yarns and textiles can be used below 1260 ~C when tensile strength is not very important.

Industrial Application of Ceramic Yarn Fabric

Ceramic yarns and textiles are mainly used in various high temperature sealing and insulation applications. This means that they are used in materials in contact with high temperatures to prevent or reduce the passage, transmission or leakage of heat and electricity. Ceramic blankets are a good example of this product. Ceramic fibre rope can also be used as a substitute for insulation material and asbestos rope. NASA engineers used ceramics to make spacecraft tiles that could withstand high temperatures of re-entry into the atmosphere. These fibers are used to fill the gap between the rail tile and are woven into insulation blankets, heat insulation panels and other protective devices.

General Use of Ceramic Yarn Fabrics

Ceramic yarn is not only used as insulating material in industry, but also used in warm weather fashion because of its cool nature. However, the ceramic content of this fabric is very low. For example, one of the ceramic fabrics is made of 95% rayon and 5% ceramics. They keep wearers cool and protect their skin from harmful ultraviolet A and B rays. In fact, they can lower the surface skin temperature by at least five degrees. Because of its soft luster, antistatic and washability, they have gradually become the choice of baby and baby clothing fabrics. Because of its cool, soft and silky properties, ceramic yarn is very popular in knitting projects, besides its anti-ultraviolet and anti-ultraviolet functions.

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