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FAQ and solution of FRP pultrusion

FAQ and solution of FRP pultrusion

The pultrusion molding is a common high quality and low cost process for FRP composite products especially for profile and gratings.The process has typical features on simple,high efficient,high strength,productive,quality stable. During the process, Problems such as peeling, cracking, air bubbles and chromatic aberration are usually happened.  

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1.Peeling off: Resin particle comes out from the mold.

Solution: Increase feeding resin temperature

          Reduce production speed

          Stop and clean the production

          Densify the low temperature initiator

2.Air bubbles: Air bubbles in the surface

Solution: Increase feeding resin temperature and cured faster

          Reduce production speed

          Checking the fiberglass roving proportation.Low fiberglass proportion usually cause the problem

          Use surface mat or veil 

3.Cracking: Cracking in the surface

Solution:Increase molding temperature and make cured faster

         Reduce production speed

         Increase fillers or fiberglass.

         Use a surface nonwoven mat or veil 

         Reduce low temperature initiator or use lower temperature initiator

4.Inner cracking:Production inner cracking

Solution:Increase feeding resin temperature

         Cool down end of mold's temperature, reduce the heat

         If not available changing the mold'temperature, Speed up production

         Reduce initiator quantity, especially high temperature initiator

5.Chromatic aberration: Non-uniform shrinkage caused by heat, then casue the problem   

Solution:Checking position of heater and make sure it located proper position

         Checking uniform of color pigment  

6.Low barcol hardness: Not fairly cured