2018-08-22 11:27:11

Fiberglass Chopped Strand Mat for Composite

Our Chopped Strand Mat is fine strand reinforcement material made from E-glass cut fibers laid in a random pattern and bonded with powder or emulsion binder. It is specially designed for hand lay-up and continuous laminating process. It is easy to handle and has excellent molding performance. 
Also, it has rapid resin penetration together with a fast strand wet out time. The mat also brings a highly translucent finished laminates. Also, the fine strand input makes the fiber prominence at the finished laminates surface extremely low. It is an excellent reinforcement material for translucent roofing panel, chemical storage tanks, FRP pipes, boat hulls and decks, truck body panel and so on.
Product Features:
1)         Excellent weight uniformity
2)         Fast wet out
3)         Easy air release
4)         Excellent transparency of finished products
5)         Excellent laminate clarity
6)         Low resin consumption
  Technical Specification:

PropertyArea Weight (%)Moisture Content (%)Binder Content (%)Tensile Strength (N/150mm)Width (mm)
Test MethodISO3374ISO3344ISO1887ISO3342ISO 5025

Note: It's available with a width range from 50mm-3300mm. Other specifications are also available on customer requests.
Fiberglass Chopped Strand Mat for Composite