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Fiberglass cloth used in the removable insulation jacket

    Nowdays,with the development of industry, Thermal, corrosion(CUI) construction become a focused problem confronted. The failed protected valves, flanges, pipes, exhausts take big cost problems and greatly reduce lifetime. To effectively solve the corrosion, heat insulation and energy saving, More and more industrial plants are constructed with thermal insulation jackets or covers aimed to save energy loss and protect the plants from chemical resistance, weather, UV exposure. Among the materials in the market, Fiberglass cloth is the most preferred by insulation jackets construction companies. It is designed for the cloth of removable insulation jacket thermal cover and thermal insulation blanket.

    Fiberglass is a incombustible mineral fiber that make it almost meet normal fire resistance purpose as well as specific fireproof standard like BS476, EN13501,IMO,DIN5510,ASTM E84. The fireproof fiberglass is an ideal material when there is fire hazard. Normally fiberglass cloth is treated with PTFE, silicone rubber or aluminum foil coated or composite, the finished fiberglass cloth can add more properties like excellent waterproof, chemical resistance, easily fabrication etc.

Cold side
Use a high quality silicone or Teflon coated fiberglass cloth is very important material for out layer or cold layer. A qualified cold layer fabric should be good coating, good waterproof,good sew capacity. The inferior quality silicone coated fiberglass cloth is easily peeled off. The unavoidable rude handle to the silicone cloth will make the silicone peeled off possibly causing water leakage that is deadly to insulation. EAS's silicone coated fiberglass fabric is made from silane fiberglass fabric with liquid silicone tightly coated.This silicone fabric can avoid most rude handle like nail, fold etc.

    Waterproof property play a core role in the lifetime of thermal insulation jacket. Only a dry condition insulation system can perform best. EAS provides various duty of silicone, PTFE coated fiberglass fabric. Various silicone or PTFE coated to the glass fabric. The heavier coated silicone can withstand heavier waterproof. Besides, heavier silicone coated allow the fabric better flexible and abrasion resistance.

Insulation barrier
Fiberglass needle mat is welcomed thermal insulation barrier for its low cost and effective high temperature insulation. Different insulation materials can be used according to application(hot insulation, cold insulation,noise&vibration insulation) like ceramic blanket, mineral wool, glass wool,Insuflex aerogel insulation,armcell etc.  

Hot side: 
Temperature below 260℃, silicone, PTFE coated glass fabric are most preferred material for hot side that can keep the whole insulation covers clean and waterproof. When temperature up to 300-1000℃, heat clean fiberglass cloth,vermiculite coated fiberglass cloth,silica cloth,ceramic cloth are used for hot side insulation purpose. Sometimes, the insulation condition faces serious vibration like exhaust, pipes, in which a wire mesh or wire reinforced fiberglass cloth are used.
Silicone coated fiberglass fabric 260℃
Teflon coated fiberglass fabric 260℃
Caramelized fiberglass fabric 550℃
Vermiculite coated fiberglass fabric 700℃
Silica fabric  800-1000℃
Ceramic fabric with S.S 1000℃

Thread, pins and other acessories

To constrct a long lifetime and high efficient thermal insulation covers, choose a suitable sewing thread, pins, drawing ropes are very necessary. EAS can provide related materials and consults. 

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