2018-10-28 20:40:18

Heat Insulation Fiberglass Cloth for Fireproofing and Silicone fabric

Product Description
 Fiberglass cloth is an engineering material, which has the excellent merit such as anti-burns, anti-corrosion, stable-size, heat-isolation. minimum elongated shrinkage, high intensity, this new material product has already covered many domains such as electric appliance, electronic, transportation chemical engineering, architectural engineering, heat insulation, sound bsorption, fire prevention and environmental protection, etc.
Plain weave:
It can be used in electricity insulation materials and reinforced materials in industry, because of inseparable structure, plain and clear lines. Such as 7628.
Twill weave:
compared with plain weave, it is of high density, high intensity, with a soft and loose structural weave. It can be used in ordinary reinforced materials, filter materials, and painting cloth, such as 3732
Satin weave:
Compared with plain weave and twill weave, it is of high density, high intensity, with a soft and loose structural weave with a good texture. It is applicable for use as a higher reinforced material in machinery, such as 3784, 3788
Gauze weave:
The fabric surface has the clear gauze hole, small porosity, stable structure, which mainly be used in the wall heat preservation decoration and the resin grinding wheel enhancement cloth. specification:20×10,10×10,5×5,etc.
1.High strength in both warp and weft direction
2.Incombustibility,corrosion resistance and heat resistance

Texturized fiberglass clothes are made of fiberglass bulk yarn which is texurized or volumized from fiberglass roving yarn
by high pressure air,it has good properties such as high temperature resistance(up to 550 °C),low thermal conductivity
coefficient(<0.035Keal/m.h. °C).anti-corrosion,high dust-accommodation and high filterability,moreover, is has no harm
to human body and is a good replacement for asbestos products.