2018-06-10 13:07:46

Heat resistent Fiberglass Texturized Fiber Yarn

Texturized yarn for industrial fabrics. Glass fiber diameter varies in range of 6-9um, mianly utilized for industrial fabrics and replacement of asbestos. It has high strength as continuous fiber and fluffiness as staple fiber ,low thermal conductivity coefficient ,high dust-accommodation and filterability.

Texturized Fiber Yarn

Texturized yarn Characteristics:
1. Good Electrical Insulation
2. High Temperature Resistance: 550℃
3. Perfect Sound Absorption
4. Dimensional stability
5. Low thermal conductivity
6.3x higher specific resistance than steel
7. Compatibility with organic matrices

Texturized yarn Application:
1.Gap bridging roller shutters
2.Fire proof roller blind
3.Door for industrial kilns
4.Curtain for industrial furnace
5.Protection for cable and fuel tunnel
6.Fascinated yarn,and covering for fire proof

This yarn normally adoptstextile type(starch)sizing, but it's modifiable as per end user's requirements.

Texturized Fiber Yarn