2018-07-30 13:42:27

High performance and competitive material from EAS FIBERGLASS

  In the 2018, fiberglass global market(glass fiber roving, glass fiber yarns, textiles, nonwovens) keeps growing by composites, insulation application. The global fiberglass market requirement is estimated to reach $15 billion by 2020. Though fast expanding share of carbon fiber, aramid fiber on the composite market, fiberglass is still popular materials for customers for its effective properties and completive price, especially in thermal insulation and building & construction industries which is already the great drive to the whole market.


  Since 2010, EAS Fiberglass Co.,Ltd greatly reduce the production line and output for roving products chopped strands mat, woven roving, combo mat, mutli-axails, chopped strands and convert more production to high quality fiberglass yarn cloth, electric fiberglass cloth 1080, 2116,7628, high temperature and fire resistance industry fiberglass cloth, silica cloth, texturized fiberglass cloth, fiberglass rope, tapes as well as professional coatings like silicone, PU, vermiculite, PTFE, aluminum foil etc. The complete production lines makes EAS lower raw material than almost other suppliers. The successful production and business sales convert enable EAS gains new business increasing motivation, especially catching up with the hot market on PCB market and government environment policy. EAS is going to form a complete production chain:

-Textile Fiberglass yarn forming, teturized glass yarn, spun ceramic yarn

-Woven glass cloth, mesh, scrim ; non woven needle mat, tissue

-Finish: a. reinforcement b.Silicone, PTFE, PU coating, aluminum foil  

  To meet the special market, high performance fiber textile are also maintaining and developing. Aramid fiber cloth, carbon fiber cloth are new products EAS offer to composite and thermal insulation market and provide higher effective solution. Therefore, we have our cost advantage to supply customers a very complete production range, especially on solution of removable insulation covers, jackets, CUI (corrosion under insualtion), EIFS(exterior insulation finish system, fabric expansion joint, welding sparks blanket industry. There is welcome to import our materials and be long partner to be a distributor.  


  In addition, EAS has developed well-known outstanding aerogel insulation blanket with series Insuflex200, Insuflex400,Insuflex650 for high efficient thermal insulation solution on CUI, building thermal insulation, automotive insulation etc. The aerogel blanket is a new insulation material with superior thermal conductivity, incombustible, hydrophobic than conventional insulation material, PU foam, XPS/EPS, rockwool.     


  Innovation is the force of the enterprise forward. EAS is always focusing on a. Talent introduction, we introduce rich experienced and new industry engineers for production and development b. New technology, advanced plants, laboratory test,. Keep learning and bringing most advanced machines, formula of materials to meet the high quality request market request. New high performance fiber and coating finish formula research are always taken. Through inner quality control and third party laboratory test under ISO, EN, BSI, GB/T standard, EAS can accumulate more professional and quality control experience. c. New application developing. EAS is quite willing involved in customers’ new project and providing fre materials solution according specifc request.