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PTFE coating on fiberglass

PTFE coated fiberglass cloth is based on fiberglass cloth impraganted with special formulated PTFE dispersion emulsion, after coating, through dry and sinter the PTFE molecule tightly connecting together fomulating a continuous film. The the composite cloth has both fiberglass and PTFE advantages. The fillers can be added for improving the coating conductive, abrasion, ageing, colors properties.

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Raw material

1. PTFE dispersion emulsion

PTFE is also called King of Plastic. It has outstanding properties on low-high temperature resistance, chemical resistance, electric insulation resistance, non-toxtic,non-stick. 


2. Fiberglass cloth

The used fiberglass cloth is high quality electric grade glass fabric typicall 1080, 2116, 7628, strictly controling on fabric smooth, knots, oil etc. The fiberglass cloth is used after heat clean finished. PTFE can inherit fiberglass cloth high strength, excellent dimension stability, good compatibility.


Production process

PTFE emulsion concentration: influence on coating’s smooth, neat and thickness. To make sure the coating quality, a bit low concentration and over-times coating are recomended.


Coating temperature: Low temperature-fast impregnated and wet out; Medium temperature- Evaporate vapor and make sure next steps; High temeprature-Totally evaporate vapor and residual materials.


Coating speed: The coating speed will determine the production and quality. Making sure the quality of fiberglass cloth is top priority


Sintered temperature

The high temperature sintered process is a key process for PTFE coated fiberglass cloth.

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