2018-07-04 15:47:48

Silica Aerogel Insulation Blanket

Aerogel is a low-density (lightest), high-porosity (96%), nanoporous size (1-100nm) solid material.The thermal conductivity at room temperature can be low to  0.012 W/(m·K). It is currently recognized as the most remarkable thermal conductivity insulation material.


There are many kinds of aerogels: Inorganic,silica aerogel,carbon aerogel; Orangic,polyimide aerogel,polyurethane aerogel etc. The most widely applied is silica aerogels, with density light to 0.003g/cm3 and a specific surface area of up to 1000m2/g and porosity of over 98%. Aerogel is an outstanding promising material used in the aerospace, construction,chemical indusry.But the pure silica aerogel is fragile, low strength which is a serious limitation on its application.


To improve silica aerogel insulation, Fiber reinforced silica aerogel is commonly recognized effective technology that extend the application of silica aerogel.There are typically two kinds of fiber reinforced silica aerogel composite technology: 1. Sol-gel method.Preparing a silica sol,pouring into the fiber mat,through supercritical fluid extraction of aging and drying;2.Directly form aerogel blanket by sol-gel method. Using silica aerogel particles or powder directly compounded and interlayed composite forming the silica aerogel blanket. EAS adopts Sol-gel supercritical fluid extraction method producing the Insuflex serious aerogel blanket. 

Building,steam pipe,LNG pipe thermal insulation

Compared with conventional insulation material rockwool,PU,EPS/XPS,cellar glass, Insuflex200,Insuflex650 aerogel blanket has unapproachable properties on thermal conductivity,hydrophobic,non-flammability. With the mature of market, the silica aerogel blanket will become more competitive


Thermal conductivity W/(m·K)@25℃

Silica aerogel Insuflex650




Glass wool


E glass needle mat




PU foam


Celluar glass


Aerospace heat insulation protection

US space shutte uses ceramic fiber silica aerogel protector. The ceramic aerogel blanket can remarkable improve the thermal conductivity, strength at harsh and extremely high temperature.