2018-09-04 15:03:47

Silicone rubber coated fabric

Silicone rubber coated fabric
Silicone rubber is an elastomer composed of siliconeitself a polymercontaining silicon together with carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. EAS’ adopts non-toxtic oragnic premium silicone rubber for silicone coated fabrics.

Typically properties

Chemical stability: Silicone has outstanding chemical resistance and non-reaction, except strong alkali and HF acid, waterproof, UV resistance and non-toxtic. This property allows silicone coated fiberglass cloth, silicone coated silica cloth, silicone coated aramid cloth used for outdoor covers, industry protect shield even food industry.

Temperature and fire resistance: Silicone can be long time used for -50-260 and meanwhile meet UV94-V0 and IMO part 5 flame retarded grade. The excllent temperature insulation and fireproof resistance can allow the silicone coated glass fabric for harsh industrial insulation covers, removable insulation covers, fabric expansion joint, welding blanket. 

EAS's silicone coated fiberglass fabric pass REACH test and DIN5510, IMO fire test.

Silicone coated fiberglass cloth is produced with premium and economic style for specific solutions. There are silicone coated filament fiberglass fabric (SC series), silicone coated texturized fiberglass fabric (SA series), silicone coated silica cloth(ST series), silicone coated aramid cloth (SK series). The basic fabric fiberglass cloth, silica fabric, aramid fabric imparts the coated fabric excellent strength, durability, dimension stability.