2018-11-11 21:45:47

Thermal insulation silicone coated fiberglass fabric

silicone coated fiberglass fabric is made of fine fiberglass basic fabrics coated with specially compounded liquid silicone rubber on one or both sides.
It has such advantages as high strength, fire retardant, high temperature resistance, oil resistance , waterproof , chemical resistance, none-penetrative, non-toxic and so on.

1. Silicone Fiberglass Heat Resistant Fabric Temp Range:
Withstands 500°F/260°C continuous exposure;
Molten Splash at 2200°F/1205°C for periods up to 15 minutes
Short excursions to 3000°F/1650°C.
2.Withstands contaminants, high heat and flame:
The silicone rubber coating is completely impervious to water, moisture, hydraulic oils. When exposed to high temperatures or molten splash for extended periods, the coating transforms into a silica refractory crust.
The special formulation of silicone rubber on this cloth sheds molten metals, slag, welding splatter, electrical or grinding sparks and contamination. This cloth also provides protection from ozone, UV and abrasion.

1) Electric insulation: silicone rubber coated fiberglass cloth features high grade of electric insulation and bear a load of high voltage. It fits for making products like insulation cloth and sleeves
2) Non-metallic compensator: used as pipeline flexible coupling, non-metallic compensator helps to avoid damage caused by heat expansion and cold contraction. This membrane material specially fit for use in industries of petroleum, chemical engineering, cement, iron and steel and energy sources due to its special features of temperature resistance, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, and good elasticity and toughness
3) Anti-corrosion sector: it is good to be used as inner and outer anti-corrosion layer featuring excellent corrosion resistance, temperature resistance and high strength. It proves to be an ideal anti-corrosion material
4) Others: apart from above application, it can also be used as sealing material, temperature resistant and anti-corrosion conveyer belt, as well as packaging material
5) Color can be made according to customers' requirements, such as red, yellow, gray, black, etc.

It has: plain weave, twill weave, satin weave, gauze weave.
a).Plain weave: it can be used in electricity insulation materials and reinforced materials in industry, because of inseparable structure, plain and clear lines. Such as EW140, EW7628. 3732,
b).Twill weave: compared with plain weave, it is of high density, high intensity, with a soft and loose structural weave. It can be used in ordinary reinforced materials, filter materials, and painting cloth, such as EW3732, EW3784.
c) Satin weave: compared with plain weave and twill weave, it is of high density,high intensity, with a soft and loose structural weave with a good texture. It is applicable for use as a higher reinforced material in machinery, such as EW3784,EW3788.
d).Gauze weave: said lattice twist weave. It can be used in spread model curtain,resin reinforced emery wheel gray cloth and lattice embed belt.