2018-07-25 10:41:10

What are some uses of fiberglass?

    Fiberglass is used in thousands of applications like doors, hot pipelines,boats, cars, trailers, window frames, building skins, structural members, decks, roofs, airplanes, rocket ships…

    Fiberglass is not usually the least expensive option. It can be the most durable option at a reasonable price.Glass fiber, chopped, or woven in many different ways, can be combined with many different resins, to suit a wide range of engineering and budget needs. When combined with different types of core materials (composite construction) the applications expand.

   Carbon fiber, and other stranded materials, are sometimes combined with glass fiber. Resin and fiber combinations use similar techniques. Shops and workers that work with glass fiber often work with other fibers as well. It is now common to use the term composites for the whole range of resin/fiber/core production.

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