2116, 7628 Glass Fabric

  • Working temperature 550℃
  • Finish Starch/Silane
  • Application FR4 sheet; CCL, PCB; Further finish, PTFE, Silicone coating;

Electric grade FRP fiberglass cloth typically 7628(M,L), 2116, 1080 glass fabric is made by high quality E glass fiber yarn then posted finished with resin compatible sizing. The 7628 glass cloth has excellent dimension stable,electric insulation, high temperature resistance. This E glass fabric is an ideal material for PCB, PTFE fabric coating, lamination etc.
electric glass cloth.jpg

Neat fabric surface, even thickness
Good resin wet out and easily heat clean
Good for further process, coating and lamination
Available silane, starch sizing

Copper clad lamination; Basic for PTFE, silicone, aluminum foil coating; Adhesive high temperature tape; FRP body reinforcement

PCB lamination.jpgPTFE fabricQQ图片20190327113514.jpg


ItemYarn count, ends/cmYarnThickness, mmWeight, g/m2Weave
10622.022.0D900 1/0D900 1/00.0324Plain
108023.618.9D450 1/0D450 1/00.0548Plain
150618.518.1E110 1/0E110 1/00.14165Plain
211215.715.7E225 1/0E225 1/00.0770Plain
211323.619.7E225 1/0D450 1/00.0779Plain
211623.623.2E225 1/0E225 1/00.10105Plain
231323.624.4E225 1/0D450 1/00.0881Plain
762817.313.3G75 1/0G75 1/00.18205Plain
763017.314.2G75 1/0G75 1/00.20220Plain
763817.310.2G75 1/0G37 1/00.25255Plain
11623.623.2D450 1/2D450 1/20.09206Plain

Standard roll size: 1.27x2000m, 1.27x2500m
Carton and pallet