32oz Red Silicone Rubber Coated Fiberglass Cloth

  • Melt temperature 850℃
  • Working temperature 260℃

SC800 is a middle heavy silicone rubber coated fiberglass cloth on both side. It has wide application on thermal insulation purpose. With silicone rubber coated, the fiberglass fabric add on properties on oil resistance, chemical resistance, waterproof. SC800 is top heavy silicone fiberglass cloth with silicone rubber coated. It is used for heavy insulation condition request high strength, heavy insulation condition. It is typically known as 32oz welding blanket. 

EAS can produce all the 
silicone coated glass fibre fabric based on EAS's glass fibre fabric

High strength cloth, good abrasion, puncture and tear resistance
Good waterproof, chemicals, oil and heat resistance
Good flame retarded, low smoke release
Easily cut, fabricate and no skin irritation
Good welding sparks stick, durable 

Welding blanket, curtains; Insulation covers; Expansion joint

Weight: 1120g/m2±10%.
Base Fabric and Weave: Fiberglass/8H satin weave.
Thickness: 1.0mm.
Coating: Silicone coated on both side
Temperature resistance: 260℃
Roll width: 1000mm, 1200mm(1250, 1270mm), 1500mm(1524mm,1550mm)


Roll length: 50 meters
One roll one carton 
20cartons per pallet