Aerogel Thermal Blanket

  • application Thermal insulation; Aerogel insulation
  • brand_name Insuflex400B
  • place_of_origin China
  • Based fiber Carbon

Aerogel thermal blanket Insuflex400B is high-efficiency thermal insulation material. The Insuflex400B aerogel insulation is desigined with fiber reinforced for its flexible and high strength. The carbon fiber reinforced aerogel insulation is a special thin flexible blanket. The thin thickness aerogel thermal can be used for very narrow space and quite flexible request. 

The aerogel insulation blanket can be finished with dust free sheet.
Insuflex400B make the narrowest space offering best thermal insulation.  
dust free aerogel insulation.jpg


High temperature resistance to -50-400℃
Non-combustible material can EN13501-1 A2 grade
Very long lifetime for 10 years
No water absorption and 99% hydrophobic 

Battery insulation; Vehicle insulation; Cable insulation
battery insulation.jpgcables.jpgtrain inslation.jpg


Thickness: 1.6mm, 2mm, 2.5mm
Density: 180±20kg/m3
25℃ thermal conductivity: 0.020W/m·K

1.5x60m roll