Braided Fiberglass Rope

  • application High temperature sealing, gasket, packing
  • Working temperature 550℃
  • Melt temperature 750℃
  • Application Boiler; Oven; Furnace door

Braided fiberglass rope is tight braided by fiberglass yarn with soft core that has good strength, density. It is ideal material for thermal sealing packing, gasket.
The fiberglass rope can be produced with colored. 

Round braided fiberglass ropes---550°C Diameter: 5mm-120mm  (1000°C ceramic rope)
Square(Rectangle) braided fiberglass ropes---550°C Size: 5x5mm-50x50mm
Density 1100-1200kg/m3

Look for softer and stretch knitted fiberglass rope
Dyed with colors is available
Wire insert is available

30meters or 50meters