C glass Fiber Yarn for Mesh Fabric

  • Glass type C glass
  • Sizing Paraffin, silane
  • Application Glass fabric, mesh woven yarn;

C glass continuous filament yarn is a basic material for alkali resistance glass fabric, glass fiber mesh, scrim.

C glass fiber yarn is a chemical grade fiberglass yarn available plied and twisted yarn. The C gass yarn has good chemical stability, high strength, high temperature resistance. It is an ideal material used for reinforcement, insulation textiles. EAS provides 3.5kg spools yarn. 

Uniform linear density and low fuzz
High strength
Good electric insulation
High temperature resistance

Fiberglass textiles


ItemFiber diameter,umTensile strength, N/texCombustible, % Bobbin weight, kg
CC9 3390.350.6-1.53.5-4
CC9 6790.350.6-1.53.5-4
CC11 100110.300.6-1.53.5-4
CC11 134110.300.6-1.53.5-4
CC13 134130.300.6-1.53.5-4
CC13 200130.300.6-1.53.5-4


Paper tube 3.5KG

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