Colored Fiberglass Tape

  • Working temperature 550℃
  • Melt temperature 750℃
  • Color Black, Yellow, Red, Orange, Green etc as request
  • Application Exhaust insulation wrapping; Thermal seal gasket;

BATP is a flame retarded color dyed fiberglass woven tape. The glass tape has good strength, excellent high temperature resistance and low thermal conductivity. It is an ideal material used for exhaust pipes thermal,acoustic insulation and protect skin from direct touching with heat. Basalt fiber tape is also good choice for same application. 

Excellent heat resistance maximum rating to 550℃
Good insulation and reduce 70% heat
Soft and low skin irritation
Colors can be made as request

Automotive or motor exhaust wrap 
exhaust heat insulation tape.jpg


Thickness: 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm
Width: 10-200mm
Length: 30meters or 50meters
Color: made as request

Carton and pallet