Fiberglass Yarn For Cable Filler

  • Glass type E glass
  • Yarn tyle Continuous filament
  • Sizing Paraffin or silane
  • Application Fiberglass fabric yarn; Gopher protected cable

E glass yarn EC6 6x1 is a super fine yarn with high strength, excellent electric insulation, high temperature resistance and low thermal conductivity. It is ideal material used for fiberglass textile fabric, tape, cable wrapping as well as electric tape and FRP reinforcement.

EC6-6 is one of the very super fine yarn for fiberglass cable filler, textiles fabric, tape for electric, insulation, coating purpose. The glass fiber yarn is formed low fuzz, uniform fiber diameter, stable strength and minimize the weave problem. 

Item,   Metric

Item,   US

Linear   density, tex

Packing   weight, Kg/bobbin  

Rough   Yield, Meters  

EC6   6x1 Z40




EC6   6x1x2 S110




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