Heat Clean/Caramelized Glass Fabric

  • Working temperature 550℃
  • Melt temperature 750℃/850℃
  • A Welding blanket; Fire blanket; Welding curtain, pad; Smoke curtain; Insulation mattress, blanket; Insulation cover

Heat Clean/Caramelized Glass Fabric is a process of removing the organics from the loomstate glass fabric. Glass fiber yarn is dispersed  with combustible textile type sizing helping improve weaving. After finish the woven glass fabric and heat clean process, the glass fabric removes most of combustible and become smoke free. Meanwhile, there is a process of singe when heat treated glass fabric and reduce the fabric fuzz. 
Heat treated fiberglass cloth.jpg
FAQ: Why HT800 fiberglass cloth with various price and quality difference? 
1. Glass type: E glass, C glass. Normally C glass fiber is mainly used for HT800 glass cloth production with its economic cost
2. Yarn type: Twist assembled
glass yarn, direct glass yarn. It determines HT800 glass cloth softness and skin irritation
3. Yarn counts: Warp and Weft glass yarn count can slightly change the cost of HT800 glass cloth
4. Yarn type and counts can determine the final weight, quality and cost of HT800 glass cloth 


High temperature resistance and smoke free
Reduce the glass fabric fuzz and skin irritation
Good compatible with coating material like PTFE, silicone etc
400℃ heat clean

Welding blanket; Further process for coating; Removable insulation jacket

Typical Style: HT800 
Weight: 880g/m2±10%.
Base Fabric and Weave: Fiberglass/Satin weave.
Finish: Heat clean/Caramelized
Thickness: 1.0mm.
Temperature resistance: 600℃
Roll width: 1000mm, 1270mm, 1524mm

Roll length: 50 meters or 100meters (50yd)
One roll one carton 
20cartons per pallet

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