High Silica Glass Fiber Cloth

  • Working temperature 1000℃
  • Melt temperature 1600℃
  • Application Thermal insulation cover; Welding blanket

T600 is a high silica fabric over 96% SiO2 leached from E glass fabric. The typical style 84 18oz silica cloth is an ideal material for demanding extremely high temperature industrial insulation protecting from molten metal splash. Silicone, vermiculite, PU coated silica cloth can be produced for extending its properties. Compared with ceramic fabric 1000℃ solution, High silica fabric is more clean and light weight. 

Other option
Standard high silica cloth
Pre-shrunk silica cloth
Texturized silica cloth
Coating silica cloth

Identification of middle temperature silica cloth and standard silica cloth
They have very similar apperance of both silica cloth. Hard to identify them by eyes
1. High silica fabric's SiO2 content≥96%, Middle temperature silica cloth approx 70%
2. Put a jet fire on the cloth for 1 mins, Standard silica cloth keep no change. Middle temperatur
e turns brittle.


Middle temperature silica cloth

Working   1000

Melt point


Good   strength


Standard high silica cloth



Melt point


Poor   strength

Extremely high temperature resistance rating to 1000℃
High temperature stable and low shrinkage
Imcombustible, can be certified to IMO part 1
Weave setting easily slip

Heavy duty welding blanket; Offshore removable insulation jacket, cover  
silica welding blanket.jpgremovable insulation.jpg

Weight: 600g/m2±10%.
Base Fabric and Weave: Fiberglass/8H satin weave.
SiO2 content: ≥96%
Thickness: 0.7mm.
Coating: weave setting
Temperature resistance: 1000℃
Width: 920mm, 1000mm, 1250mm,1300mm

Roll length: 50meters or 50yards
One carton one roll
20rolls per pallet

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