Pre-Shrunk Silica Fabric

  • Working temperature 1000℃
  • Melt temperature 1600℃
  • Application Thermal insulation pad, blanket; Welding blanket
  • Shrinkage ≤3%

High silica fiberglass fabric pre-shrunk finish is higher standard than standard high silica fabric. It has lower LOI and shrinkage, stay more stable dimension and thermal insulation properties.
The low LOI and shrinkage allows the silica cloth working stable. Typically produced to vermiculite coated silica cloth and PU coated silica cloth for extremely high temperature insulation and fire curtain fabric. 

Low loss on ignition and shrinkage under 1000℃ less than 5%
Higher strength than standard silica cloth

Thermal insulation blanket; Fire&smoke curtain.

iron industry.jpgfire curtain.jpg

Weight: 240g/m2, 400g/m2, 650g/m2; 1250±10%.
Base Fabric and Weave: Silica/satin weave.
Thickness: 0.2mm, 0.4mm, 0.7mm; 1.3mm
Coating: Pre-shrunk finish
Temperature resistance: 1000℃
Roll width: 860mm-1250mm