Silicone Coated Silica Cloth

  • Working temperature 260℃
  • Melt temperature 1600℃
  • Application Welding blanket; Fire blanket; Fire curtain, pad; Smoke curtain; Insulation mattress, blanket; Insulation cover

ST600 is a silicone coated high silica fabric. With silicone coated, it adds good waterproof, oil resistance on the fabric. Besides, silicone can extend the silica fabric durability when directly exposure temperature over 1000℃ and melton metal splash. Silicone rubber will be brunt silicone ash and keep protecting the silica cloth.

High temperature resistance and durability rating to 1000℃, Silicone 260℃
Excellent waterproof, oil and chemical resistance
Flame retarded and low smoke emission
Easily cut and fabricate

Fire curtain; Welding blanket; Removable insulation jacket

Weight: 760g/m2±10%; 800±10%.
Base Fabric and Weave: Silica cloth/satin weave.
Thickness: 0.7mm; 1.3mm
Coating: Silicone coated one side or both side
Temperature resistance: 1000℃
Roll width: 860mm, 920mm, 1000mm, Maximum 1350mm

Roll length: 50meters or 46meters
One roll one carton