Silicone Fiberglass Welding Blanket

  • Material Silicone coated fiberglass
  • Working temperature 260-750℃
  • Application Welding blanket; Insulation pad

Silicone fiberglass welding blanket is made by economic glass fabric with flame retarded silicone rubber coated single side or both side. Fiberglass fabric is 100% imcombustible material and high temperature resistance rating to 550℃ and melt at approx 750℃. With silicone covered, the silicone fiberglass cloth is excllent clean and easily fabrication. Compared with acrylic coated fiberglass cloth,  the silicone rubber fiberglass cloth will release less non-toxtic smoke and shorter time fire, it can meet various stand for ASTM E84, IMO, BS476 and ensure its safety application.  Besides, silicone coated silica cloth can be used on extremely high temperature protect. 

EAS can produce all the silicone coated glass fibre fabric based on EAS's glass fibre fabric

High temperature resistance and flame retarded
Clean, neat and easily fabrication
Waterproof, good chemical resistance
Colors can be made as request

Welding blanket; Welding pad mattress; 
buy welding blanket.jpg
Area weight: 500g/m2-3200g/m2  (14-32oz)
Width: 1000-2000mm (30-60inch)

Polybag or carton, pallet