Vermiculite Coated Silica Fiberglass Cloth

  • Working temperature 1000℃
  • Melt temperature 1600℃
  • Application Furnace curtain; Stress relieving blankets; Welding blanket

VT vermiculite coated silica fabric is made by vermiculite liquid coated with high silica fabric. Vermiculite can extend silica cloth exposure above working temperature and better abrason resistance. It is an ideal material used for durable thermal insulation.Heavier VTS1500 vermiculite coated silica cloth 2mm solution.  

Good strength and abrasion resistance
Improved properties exposure high temperature
Reduce fiber fraying
Extend lifetime
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Fire curtain; Welding blanket; Fabric expansion joint; Removable insulation jacket

Weight: 630g/m2; 1200±10%.
Base Fabric and Weave: Silica/satin weave.
Thickness: 0.7mm; 1.3mm
Coating: vermiculite
Temperature resistance: 1000℃
Roll width: 860mm, 920mm, 1000mm, Maximum 1350mm

Roll length: 50meters or 50yards
One carton one roll
20rolls per pallet