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Apr 30, 2021
3732 style EAS’s C400 and C400ECO fiber glass cloth is one of the most popular technical glass fabric used as a heat insulation application. The 3732 glass fabric is widely used for fire blanket sewn, coating fabrics (silicone coated, PU coated, acrylic coated, aluminum foil etc), insulation lamination etc.
In the market, customers can find various 3732 glass cloth and price variety. We are analyze the factors on the cost of fiberglass fabric 3732. The most important factor of the fabric’s cost is the glass type. E glass is at higher cost than C glass. The E glass fiber and C glass fiber are essentially controlling the quality of woven 3732.

Big difference between E glass and C glass fiber for glass fibre fabric 3732.


E glass

C glass


Fiber Diameter, μm



The fiber diameter will cause skin touch of fabric. The thinner fiber is softer and less skin irritation

Tensile Strength, N/tex



E glass fiber has 15% higher strength

Moisture content, %



The moisture and R2O% will make the fabric not stable exposure high temperature.

R2O, %





The different yarn structure are also important factor to the fabric cost.



136tex (G37)

The glass fabric 3732 usually uses 136tex glass yarn. The glass yarn can be composed by

136x1, 34x4, 68x2


136tex (G37)

Depends on the glass fiber and structure, the 3732 glass fabric are different quality. The different quality are with various price for many application. Contact with EAS, we will offer you more advice