Neoprene Coated Polyester Fabric

Neoprene Coated Polyester Fabric is a polyester fabric coated with Chloroprene Rubber, commonly known as Neoprene. With Neoprene coated, it offers better oil resistance, chemical resistance, heat resistance and excellent fireproof property. It is widely used in the manufacture of inflatable structures of all sort. It is also applying for straps, tarps, tires, rope, sun protection, thermic insulation combinations etc.

General Properties min - max
Warp breaking strength 90 - 2000 daN/5cm
Weft breaking strength 80 - 1400 daN/5cm
Warp elongation at break 10% - 20%
Weft elongation at break 10% - 20%
Weight per sqm from 450 g/m2
Thickness Upon request
Peeling strength Upon request
Continuous Temperature -35 ℃ to 95℃
Point Temperature -35 ℃ to 105℃