Basalt Fiber Yarn

EAS offers both fine basalt fiber yarn, basalt direct roving as well as texturized basalt roving or yarn. 
Basalt yarn is high performanced mineral fiber among carbon fiber, Glass fiber, Aramid fiber. The basalt fiber textiles will be popular used in the composite reinforcement, construction, thermal insulation area. 


Basalt Roving:

Assembled basalt roving (800-4800tex) consists of several basalt fiber filament strands, formed at the facility for the production of continuous basalt fiber and then assembled together.

Direct basalt roving (100-600tex) is direct single filament strands, formed at the facility for the production continuous basalt fiber 

Filament diameter 13, 16, 17um
Tensile strength ≥0.6N/tex
Tensile modulus epoxy impregnated 80 – 95 GPa
Elongation 3.50%
Type of sizing Epoxy system
Sizing content <1%
Bobbin type cylindrical bobbin with internal or external unwinding
Bobbin weight 10/15KG, Max 20KG

Basalt texturized yarn is air jet volumized like process as fiberglass texturized yarn.

Item Diameter, μm Linear density,tex Moisture, %
BY13-800 13 800±40 ≤0.1
BY13-1200 13 1200±60 ≤0.1
BY9-400 9 400±20 ≤0.1
BYP9-260 9 260±20 ≤0.1

Basalt fiber yarn is fine formed specially for basalt fiber textile like woven fabrics, tape, sleeves etc. There is single yarn and piled yarn. 

Item Diameter, um Linear density, tex Sizing type
BC6-16.5X1 6 16.5 Epoxy
BC7-22X1 7 22
BC9-34X1 9 33
BC11-100X1 11 100
BC13-132X1 13 132