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Ceramic Yarn

Ceramic yarn is made of high quality spun ceramic wool fiber spun with polyester or rayon fiber reinforced by E glass yarn or stainless steel wire. The ceramic fiber yarn is a basic unit for ceramic fiber textiles. EAS offers high quality and cheap ceramic single yarn 430tex, 525tex, 800tex, 1000tex etc

● Temperature classification 1260℃, 1400℃
● Organic fiber Polyester or viscose (rayon fiber)
● Organics content   Approx 15%
● Reinforce material Fiberglass, Stainless steel wire
● SS wire SS302, 304, 310
● Application Raw material for high temperature
ceramic textile, cloth, rope, sleeve, tape 
Ceramic Fiber Yarn  

Ceramic fibre yarn is made of spun high quality ceramic wool fiber with E glass or stainless steel wire reinforced. Organic fiber polyester or viscose is usually used for yarn spun improvement. It is a basic unit for ceramic fiber cloth, ceramic rope, ceramic tape, ceramic sleeve. 


Tex Plied Thickness
RY-430 2 1.5mm
RY-525 2 2.0mm
RY-620 2 2.5mm
RY-1000 2 3.0mm
RY-2000 1 3.0mm
RY-2250 1 3.5mm
Temperature classification 1260℃ or 1400℃