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Removable Insulation Jacket

EAS FIBERGLSS insulation fabrics are widely used in the high temperature removable/resuable insulation jackets, cover,pad, blanket, mattress. The insulation fiberglass fabrics and mat can provide excellent properties of flame retarded, chemical resistance, waterproof, high and low temperature resistance. The fiberglass fabrics constructed thermal insulation passive fire protection jackets (PFP system) can meet the fire test UL1709, ISO22899. 

Coated Fiberglass Fabric
EAS Fiberglass silicone/PTFE coated fiberglass fabric are used for cover layer of the insulation jackets or blanket. The high strength, high temperature service, Great flame resistance. To different temperature insulation grade, coresponding working temperature glass fabric can be used. 

Insulation mat/blanket
The glass fiber needle mat, silica fiber needle mat, ceramic blanket play a core role on high temperature insulation efficiency. Theyare economicly and effective solution for insulation barrier making sure the insulation cover reaching a safe and effective energy saving condition.

High temperature and fireproof sewing thread
Teflon coated fiberglass sewing thread HGFT-18
Kevlar S.S wire sewing thread
Aramid sewing thread