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Hypalon Coated Polyester Fabric

Hypalon coated polyester fabric is a polyester fabric coated with Chlorosulphonated Polyethylene. The polyester yarn is lightweight and flexible. It is resistant to ultraviolet radiation and low flammability. It keeps a good shape memory and can therefore be used into coated fabrics composition. Hypalon is to be considered an improved chloroprene. This finished Hypalon coated polyester fabric offers better chemical resistance, ozone and light resistance, heat ageing. Their particular resistance to weathering conditions and the excellent low gas permeability presents as the best option for the manufacture of premium quality inflatable boats and structures for all environments, but most of all in sea environment. It is also applying for straps, tarps, tires, rope, sun protection etc.


General Properties min - max
Warp breaking strength 90 - 2000 daN/5cm
Weft breaking strength 80 - 1400 daN/5cm
Warp elongation at break 10% - 20%
Weft elongation at break 10% - 20%
Weight per sqm from 450 g/m2
Thickness Upon request
Peeling strength Upon request
Continuous Temperature -40 ℃ to 120℃
Point Temperature -40 ℃ to 130℃

Polyester fabric/denier 500*500D 500*500D 500*500D 500*500D 840*840D 840*840D  
Threads/inch 9*9 18*12 18*21 28*28 9*9 18*18  
Polyester fabric/denier 1000*1000D 1000*1000D 1000*1000D 1000*1000D 1000*1000D 1000*1000D 1500*1500D
Threads/inch 9*9 18*12 18*18 20*20 23*23 30*30 33*33