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Fiberglass Yarn

Fiberglass yarn clarified glass type E glass yarn, C glass yarn, S glass yarn, AR glass, DK glass, Silica glass with single filament yarn formed. The single fiberglass yarn can plied or twisted as request. The single filament's fiber glass fiber yarn is formed typically fiber diamter with 4um(BC), 5.5um(D), 6um (DE), 7um(E) 9um(G), 11um (H), 13um (K). After formed, the fiberglass yarn is finished with sizings: silane, paraffin, starch sizing. Silane sizing: Reinforced type, well compatibale with resin systems; Starch sizing: Textile type, good lubrication for textiles woven and also easy heat cleaned removed; Paraffin sizing: Traditional textile type, good woven yarn lubrication.  EAS's fiberglass yarn can be used for most fiberglass textiles fabrication.