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Fabric Expansion Joint

EAS Fiberglass insulation glass fabric is commonly used on non-mental fabric expansion joint and sewn as insulation belt for light corrosive to high corrosive compensator, flexible duct connector construction applied in the power, steel, cement industries.

High elastic belt fabric PTFE/Silicone/Viton/EPDM/ coated fiberglass fabric can well meet the standard and technical request of flexible,high strength andcompression, chemical resistance, weathering proof, excellent sealing.
Insulation barrier glass fiber needle mat, ceramic blanket, wire reinforced glass fabric, silica fabric, ceramic fabric will be made a composite insulation solution for the specific temperature 260-1000℃ and pressure grade required below 40000Pa

The materials for expansion joint depends on media (chemical corrosion), working temperature (200℃, 500℃, 700℃, 1000℃), movement strength, pressure