EAS Fiberglass provides various fiberglass products for FRP (thermoplastic and thermosetplastic), cement, bitumen, mica reinforce, lamination FRP Composite
E glass, ECR, S glass driect roving or assembled roving are commonly material used for filament winding, pultrusion, gun spray up mold.
Chopped strands mat, woven roving are popular and convetional reinforce material for lamination
FRP Glass fabric is commonly used for marine, entertainment composite construction. The glass fiber fabric provides high strength and light weight to the FRP products.
The E glass fabric is also great material used for high quality PCB, mica tape products becuase of fire resistance, electric insulation, high strength.
Glass mesh scrim fabric exhibits good corrosion and good used in wall stucco, gypsum, cement board, bitumen construction etc 

Silane S510: For direct roving
Silane S710: For assembled roving, gun roving,
276: Clear finihs, clear wet

Property S glass E glass ECR glass C glass AR glass
Density, g/m3 2.54 2.58 2.72 2.52 2.70
Softening point, oC 1056 846 882 750 773
Tensile strength, MPa  
23oC 4800 3440 3600 3310 3250
400oC 4420 2620 2150 1500 --
550oC 2410 1680 1680 -- --
Yong’s modulus, GPa  
23oC 86.9 72.5 80.5 68.5 73.5
550oC 88.9 81.5 81.5    
Elongation, % 5.7 4.8 4.8 4.8 4.8