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EAS Fiberglass provides various fiberglass products for FRP (thermoplastic and thermosetplastic), cement, bitumen, mica reinforce, lamination
EAS Fiberglass insulation glass fabric is commobnly used on non-mental expansion joint and sewn as insulation belt for light corrosive to high corrosive compensator
EAS FIBERGLSS insulation fabrics are widely used in the high temperature removable/resuable insulation jackets, cover,pad, blanket, mattress
EAS Fiberglass glass fabrics are commonly used welding sparks, molten metal, lagging situation. Glass fabric as a non combustible, is superior material for the protect
EAS Fiberglass offers fiberglass reinforcement materials for construction solution, alikali resistance cement, gyspsum and bitumen, composite building board wall stucco
EAS fiberglass offers high temperaure textiles for extremely high temperature resistance. Ropes, tapes are commonly used as thermal effective insulation gasket or packings for oven door seals, exhaust wrapping
EAS offers various fireproof solutions, extinguish, passive fire protection materials.