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Apr 30, 2021
Heat clean fiber glass fabric is featured with smoke free and caramelize color.
Fiber glass fabric is usually weaved by glass yarn with starch sizing wet which can reduce friction caused by mechanical moving. After glass fabric finished,Heat clean/caramelized process is a step removing the sizing (starch, paraffin) from loomstate glass fabric. After heat clean, the glass fabric turns brownish. The heat cleaned fiber glass fabric has minimum organics and make the fabric smoke free when heated typically HT800 welding cloth, texturized glass cloth, PTFE coating. Further, the heat cleaned fiber glass cloth is dispersed with couples and silane sizing for well compatible with resins typically FRP fiberglass cloth, PCB fiber glass cloth.
Heat clean process is usually made at high temperature 400. At this condition, less than 0.3% organics left. During the process of finish, the heat clean glass cloth will lose its part of strength. It is important to operate a reasonable process heat temperature and time. Temperature over 400will fundamentally damage the fiber structure, strength dramatically reduced.
caramelized glass fabric.jpg HT800 cloth.jpg

Heat clean fiberglass cloth will remove the most of organics and reduce mechanical strength. 380℃ is a ideal finished temperature and should also control a reasonable time. Anyway, the finish temperature depends on the final products.