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Apr 30, 2021
As a high temperature mineral fiber, high silica fiber achieve great success through its research&development and market reaction. Since H.I.Tnompson inc, the first company put the silica fiber into mass production, High silica fiber products has won great market and customers via its high performance and low cost. Now, it has widely applied for aerospace ablative materials,high temperature filtration, metal filtration, high temperature insulation.

Production process
High silica/silicate fiber is produced from special formulated glass fiber or E glass fiber through acid finish and high sintering formed a fiber that function approx to quartz fiber. During process, Glass fiber are acid-leaching into 96% silicate structure. Acid leaching is to separate the non-siliceous phase of the structure in the structure under the action of acid, so that the SiO2 content in the structure reaches 96%. The phase separation rate of ions is affected by the concentration of acid, leaching time, temperature, and the content of H3B03 in the acid solution and the leaching speed. The setting of each process and the reasonable control of each parameter are key for high silica fiber production.

After 600-800silicate high sintering improving the structure finally formed high silica fiber products. Acid-leached high-silica glass fiber products, the phase-dissolved components B203 and Na20 are leached by acid, leaving a continuous SiO2-rich porous skeleton at 600-800 ℃ or higher. The thermal sintering is carried out to close the micropores, and the strength is restored. However, when the temperature is too high, the microcracks on the surface of the glass will be enlarged under the action of internal stress, so that the strength of the product is decreased.
High silica yarn is finished from glass fiber yarn
High silica tape is finished from glass fiber tape
High silica rope is finished from high silica yarn
High silica cloth is finished from glass cloth
High silica needle mat is finished from short cut silica fiber
1. Soften point 1650, long time working under 1000
2. Good stable properties under organic and inorganic acid (except HF, HCL and Phosphoric), high temperature and alkalescence.
3. Good alternative material for ceramic textile and asbestos
4. Available with various textiles, silica yarn, silica sewing thread, silica sleeve, silica rope, silica tape, silica fabric etc
Silica fiber has many outstanding features while there is serious shortage that silica fiber products have suffered low abrasion and strength. The problem greatly limits silica fiber products expanding in the market. To solve the problem, EAS offering below efficient solution.
PU coated silica fabric: Improve abrasion, easily slit and fabrication
Vermiculite coated siica fabric: Improve a bit abrasion, slit and higher heat temperature 
Silicone coated silica fabric: Improve abrasion, tensile strength, waterproof, slit etc
From fiber variation, there is filament silica cloth, texturized silica cloth for options