Jun 10, 2021
During the production of the silicone material, it will go through a vulcanization process, and the material will be processed by high-temperature heating, so the made silicone material is more durable and reliable. After the introduction of this material, it has also attracted the attention of many users. Now silica gel materials are widely used in chemical processing sites and petroleum fields, and the demand for materials is also increasing. Then this silica gel material is resistant to temperature How about sex?

During the use of silicone cloth, there is no need to worry about the influence of ambient temperature. The properties of the silicone material will not change under low and high temperature conditions. In addition, this material can achieve a high oxidation resistance during use. The material can be used in normal times. When used in outdoor places, the silicone material will not cause quality problems after more than ten years of continuous use.

Many workplaces are exposed to high-voltage environments, and many production environments are very dangerous. Therefore, these issues will also be considered when selecting materials. Silicone cloth not only has the above advantages, but also can achieve insulation after installation. Very high tolerance, so it is safer during use, and can solve many application problems, so after the introduction of silicone materials, it replaced many traditional materials.

In the process of making silicone cloth materials, the selection of raw materials is very cautious, so the made materials can achieve good anti-corrosion effects. The silicone material can be used in work such as wrapping pipes. This material can be used as an anti-corrosion layer on the pipes. Provide protection, the material is not prone to corrosion, and can achieve a more ideal application effect.

The fireproof cloth is made of special materials, so the fireproof cloth can be used as a fireproof blanket. The fireproof cloth of common materials has the following functions:

1. Aluminum foil fireproof cloth: This kind of fireproof cloth not only has the functions of fireproof cloth, but also can prevent radiation, high temperature, and will not be affected by the construction environment.
2. Coated fireproof cloth: The manufacturer of environmentally friendly dust-proof and fireproof cloth reminds everyone that this kind of fireproof cloth is coated with a layer of silica gel during production, so it can be waterproof and antistatic.

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