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7781, 7500, 7533, FRP Fiberglass Cloth

Products Mode:
Glass type: E glass, S glass
Fiber diameter: 6um, 9um (ECDE yarn,ECG yarn)
Resin compatible: Epoxy, Unsaturated Polyester, Vinyl ester
Application: Aerospace, Surfboard, Marine entertainment, sports equipments

FRP Fiberglass Cloth is woven by first high quality fiberglass yarn and advance air jet looms. The post finish make this glass fabric very flexible, great mold oriented.

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Fiberglass fabric for FRP is easy fiberglass fabrication designed for FRP lamination mould typically 4oz, 6oz, 8oz style fiberglass cloth.This FRP fiberglass cloth is good resin wetting through and suitable for hand lay up and vacuum mold. Compared with woven roving fiberglass, the glass fabric can not only provide high strength but more soft and flexible mold orientation, thinner lamination. Plied yarn and twisted yarn woven glass fibre fabric allow it fast wet through and higher strength,tear, durability.  

This FRP reinforced glass cloth is post finished by loomstate fiberglass cloth then post silane sizing finished. Dow corning's silane sizing makes the fabric well compatible with general resin systems. 
   7500 Clear wet

High strength and flexibility
Good resin compatibility epoxy, unsatured polyester, vinyl ester
Fast resin wet out
Satin weave, easily adapting to shape lamination

High quality FRP; Fishing rod; Surfboard; Sport equipment

Products Description:
Item Yarn count, ends/cm Yarn Thickness, mm Weight, g/m2 Weave
Warp Weft Warp Weft
120 24 23 D450 1/2 D450 1/2 0.09 110 4H satin
1522 9.5 6.8 G150 1/2 G150 1/2 0.12 125 Plain
1500 9.5 6.8 G75 1/0 G75 1/0 0.12 125 Plain
7533 7.1 7.1 G75 1/2 G75 1/2 0.19 190 Plain
7500 7.1 7.1 G37 1/0 G37 1/0 0.19 190 Plain
7781 22.4 21.0 DE75 1/0 DE75 1/0 0.23 300 8H satin
7581 22.4 21 G75 1/0 G75 1/0 0.23 300 8H satin

Packaging Details:
Standard width: 965.2mm, 1020mm, 1270mm, 1524mm
Roll length: 100meters or 200meters
One roll one carton
20cartons per pallet



Fiber forming

Textile woven, knitting, braiding

Fabric coating


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