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Dec 06, 2021
Nowadays, all kinds of high temperature resistant materials fill our lives, and high temperature resistant tape can be seen everywhere in our lives. However, because the specific high temperature resistance of different high temperature tapes is different, the uses of these high temperature tapes are different. Let's briefly understand the types of high temperature tapes, as well as their uses and performance.

The so-called high temperature resistant tape refers to the adhesive tape used in high temperature working environment. Mainly used in the electronics industry/general industry and automotive industry. The temperature resistance is usually between 120 degrees and 260 degrees. It is often used for painting, baking varnish leather processing, structural bonding with high temperature requirements, fixing in the manufacturing process of electronic parts, and printed circuit boards. And high-temperature treatment masking.

At present, common high temperature resistant tapes mainly include: KAPTON high temperature tape (also called PI tape or polyimide tape), Teflon high temperature tape (also called PTFE tape), PET high temperature tape, etc. These types of tapes are relatively common and can satisfy some applications. But for the needs of some special applications, higher performance tapes are needed to meet.

High temperature resistant acrylic foam double-sided tape has always been a relatively high-threshold product demand. This product is mainly used for the bonding of structures that are prone to heat, or for bonding applications that have undergone high-temperature powder spraying. 3M's GPH series or 4611VHB tape is suitable for structural bonding with short-term temperature resistance of 232 degrees and long-term temperature resistance of 150 degrees, providing customers with safe and secure bonding solutions.

PET high temperature resistant tape can be single-sided tape and double-sided tape.

PET single-sided tape, with PET polyester film as the base material, one side coated with silica gel, or rubber or acrylic glue. The main function of PET single-sided tape is for temporary protection or shielding under high temperature conditions, or for acid and alkali-resistant shielding protection for anodizing and electroplating, and it also has the characteristics of clean removal. PET coated silica gel is a relatively common combination, with a wide range of applications and optimized cost. But for some applications that cannot accept silicon transfer, rubber and acrylic glue systems are needed. The cost of the product will be higher, and the production and coating and process requirements will also be higher. For example, 3M's PET single-sided tapes 875 and 876 are rubber-based, with a short-term temperature resistance of up to 200 degrees, with excellent tensile properties, and can provide excellent solutions for silicone-free construction.

PET double-sided high temperature resistant tape is coated with a special cross-linked primer on the electrical grade low shrinkage polyester film substrate, and then coated with a specially formulated imported silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive, which is dried and cut by special equipment Cut into. The temperature resistance is 200 degrees, and the time is 30 minutes. It is mainly used for the shielding protection of spray paint and electroplating. For example, the 3M™ 100MP adhesive system is widely used for bonding various metals, ceramics, plastics, glass, acrylic, carbon fiber and other materials.

3M™ 100MP adhesive system has strong viscosity and retention. It can not only isolate humid gas, play a sealing role, but also have solvent resistance. It can withstand a short-term temperature of 260°C and can adapt to the harsh environment of alternating high and low temperatures. Various surfaces have high adhesion and excellent high temperature resistance, and are easy to die-cut. It is the best choice for manufacturers to improve production efficiency and achieve fast and strong bonding effects.

It is usually difficult to select composite single-sided adhesive tapes that deal with harsh and complex working conditions. 3M's single-sided tape 363 is a high temperature resistant aluminum foil glass cloth tape. The product has a temperature resistance rating of 316 degrees. It also has heat/light reflection, chemical solvent resistance, high tensile strength and shielding or sealing properties. Meet the application needs of aviation and some high-precision industries.

High-temperature masking tape/High-temperature Japanese paper tape uses masking paper or Japanese paper as the base material. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, good resistance to chemical solvents, high adhesion, soft stickiness and no residual glue after tearing. Suitable for use between 80℃-200℃, mainly high-temperature spray coating and high-temperature protection. 3M's 2310 masking paper and 244 washi tape can provide a temperature resistance rating of 150 degrees, and the price is excellent.

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