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Jul 03, 2021
Silicone cloth is a kind of silicone tube used in automobile, medical, diving, food and other industries, especially a kind of high-quality silicone rubber, which is made into acid and alkali resistance, high and low temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance after high temperature and heat vulcanization. Multi-layer high-pressure resistant silicone tube made of raw materials that can withstand high pressure.

Since silicone cloth is made by high temperature vulcanization, glue is inevitably used in the production of silicone cloth. Joint glue is a common one among many glues, but silicone cloth is also needed when using joint glue. Pay attention to related matters, otherwise it will affect the post-use effect of the silicone cloth.

Silicone cloth has very good high insulation properties and flexibility, and its surface friction is relatively large, but if the joint glue is liquid, it is a curing agent, if it is viscous, it is a curing glue. These are all in accordance with Configured in a certain proportion.

The joint glue does not need to be cured during actual use, because the joint glue has a relatively strong adhesive force and also has a good high temperature resistance effect. During the production and processing of the silicone cloth, it is necessary to evenly apply the joint glue to the various joint parts of the silicone cloth. However, the operator needs to pay attention to the silicone cloth. In the process of use, the user needs to pay attention to the control of the time. It is said that it is better to use it in about 30 minutes, otherwise it will affect the viscosity and use effect of the joint glue.

Silicone cloth can be cured by putting the cloth directly in the silicone. You can make this kind of cloth and then cut it. Or use surface treatment agent and primer, it is best to make the most solid at the same time. Because silica gel is sticky at low temperatures, if it does not reach the molding temperature, the raw material will stick to the mold. If the mold water is sprayed, it means that the rubber and the mold are separated, so the mold will not stick. Silicone cloth has excellent heat aging, high insulation properties and weather aging resistance polymer elastomer. A high-temperature resistant inorganic fiber with a silica (SiO2) content higher than 96% and a softening point close to 1700°C. It can be used for a long time at 900°C, and can work at 1450°C for 10 minutes and at 1600°C. It remains intact for 15 seconds. Due to the characteristics of stable chemical performance, high temperature resistance, ablation resistance, etc., it is a new type of composite material with high performance and multi-purpose after being coated with glass fiber to form a composite material. It has been widely used in aerospace, chemical industry, large-scale power generation equipment, machinery, metallurgical non-metallic expansion joints and other fields. Glass fiber coated silicone cloth products have unique high temperature resistance, breathability resistance, excellent weathering resistance, softness and toughness, and are better than ordinary coated fabrics.

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