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Jun 22, 2021

As hot work operations continue to be a leading cause of industrial fires and explosions, welding fire blanket is widespread used to protect people, property and equipment from the ignition of combustibles due to welding, cutting and other hot work operations. It is designed to repel sparks, slags and melted metal that had been projected from the welding point. It also performs as a thermal barrier but against hot fragments proceding from the piece and not over the piece in general. In addition, it could be placed vertically or horizontally, allowing a big range of configurations for different welding contexts.

Welding Blanket is constructed of flame-resistant fiberglass material. There are many types of fire blankets, such as glass fiber fire blankets without any coating, silicone coated fire blankets, graphite coated fire blankets, high silica fire blankets, PU coated fire blankets, calcium silicate coated fire blankets , Aluminum foil fire blanket, acrylic coated fire blanket, etc.

Typical Parameters of EAS Fire Blanket

Material fiberglass fabric
Thickness 0.4mm to 3mm
Size from 1M x 1M to 15M x 15M or customized
Density 400g/m2-1200g/m2
Heat-resistant temperature 500-1100
Packaging style PVC Bags, PVC Boxes
Main features

Good abrasive resistance, high temperature resistance, excellent flame retardant ability, chemical resistant ability, fireproof, oil-proof, waterproof

Application emergency survival, flame retardant protection, welding protection, heat insulation

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