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Mar 11, 2022
Silicone tape is made of two key raw materials. It is made of alkali free glass fiber cloth with high compressive strength and high temperature resistance, and then composite silicone rubber, which is vulcanized at high temperature and processed into finished products. Silicone tape, also known as glass fiber silicone tape, is made of silica gel through high-temperature thermal vulcanization. It has the effects of corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high and low temperature test and corrosion resistance. It is used in chemical plants, chemical plants, seaports and industrial production, boiling water and steam transportation, vehicles, diagnosis and treatment, deep diving, food and other fields.

The fireproof cloth is made of fireproof, safe and incombustible inorganic fiber through unique processing technology. Main features: flame retardant, high temperature resistant, close structure, soft material, convenient binding on uneven objects and machinery and equipment on the surface. Fireproof cloth can well maintain objects, separate hot spots and spark areas, and completely block or protect points. The fireproof cloth is suitable for places where sparks are easy to cause fire accidents, such as electric welding. It can resist spark splashing, slag, electric welding products, etc. it can protect the workplace, separate the middle layer of work and avoid the risk of fire accidents that are likely to be caused by electric welding. It can also be separated to create another safe, clean and marked space in the studio, Fireproof cloth is the key to safety and fire protection. It is an ideal special tool for safety protection of enterprises. When carrying out hot work engineering construction in shopping malls, shopping malls, hotels and other public leisure places; Such as electric welding, laser cutting, etc; The application of fire blanket can immediately release sparks, protect and block inflammable and explosive dangerous goods, and ensure the details of human life and assets. Fireproof cloth is widely used in the ship frame structure and maintenance of the shipping industry. It can also be used in areas with thermal insulation and welding needs, such as petrochemical equipment components. It mainly shows a very good adaptability of safety protection.

EAS Fiberglass Co.,Ltd is a professional fiberglass products supplier and provide comprehensive and effective material industrial solution covering market high performance FRP, high effective temperature insulation, high convenient construction. Nowadays, EAS owns various products lines of fiberglass yarn forming, woven fabricsfabrics coating/lamination, FRP etc. The complete products lines enable EAS highly mastering the quality control and products market competitive. Taking this advantage involve us in large many projects and enhence the brand promotion. Certified ISO9001-2008 equips EAS stuff and management more professional operation. Certification of test report for producs are made by third party laboratory SGS, TUV, DNV, etc.