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Jul 06, 2021

Wire reinforced fiberglass fabrics are made by plying stainless steel wires (T304) with texturized fiberglass yarns. Those yarns are then woven into fabric. Weave can be one-directional (stainless is only inserted in warp yarn) or two-directional (stainless is inserted in both warp yarn and weft yarn). Wire reinforced fabrics provide higher strength when exposed to extreme temperatures compared to plain fiberglass fabrics. Applications for this fabric include use as a hot-side insulation fabric, flange and valve covers, weld curtains and stress relief blankets. The material is resistant to chemicals and offers good heat and flame protection in service applications up to 550℃.


Wire reinforced fiberglass fabrics are available with various coatings, including polyurethane, silicone, vermiculite and more. PU coated wire reinforced fiberglass fabric is wire reinforced fiberglass fabric coated with flame retarded aluminum pigment formulated polyurethane. With polyurethane(PU) coated and wire reinforced, the fabric adds on properties on high strength, durability, puncture, abrasion resistance,Good flame retarded and high temperature resistance, Halogen free and good fire protection. It is an ideal material used for heavy vibration heat insulation, fire insulation condition. 

Applications for wire reinforced PU coated fiberglass fabric include using as removable insulation pads and jackets, welding blankets and equipment protection, fire and heat barriers, fire retardant curtains, welding curtains, fabric expansion joints, lagging, gaskets and seals, refineries, power plants, and offshore drilling platforms

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