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Assembled Roving

Products Mode: S710 series

The spray up mold fiberglass roving is designed for spray up, gun. There are usually E glass, ECR glass for option. The roving is treated with S710 sizing compatible with unsaturated polyester resin, epoxy resin, vinyl ester resin, phenolic resin.

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S710 series fiberglass roving is assembled roving (multi-ends). It is compatible with unsaturated polyester, vinly ester, epoxy resin systems. It is suitable for gun spray up mold,FRP body, pools building.


Glass type

Linear density, tex

Diameter, um

Combustible, %


E glass 2400 13 1.00
S710-4800 4800 13 1.00

Pallet packing:

Roving type Pallet size, mm Layers Total rolls Weight per roll, kg Total weight, kg
Direct roving 1120x1120x915 3 48 17 816
1120x1120x1155 4 64 17 1088
Assemble roving 1120x1120x915 3 48 19 912
1120x1120x1155 4 64 19 1216